Our staff participate in existing programs to understand how an organisation works and how the building will function. We put together a project team comprising building management, end users and staff. Workshops with this group explore objectives and the desired life of the building. These are presented in diagrammatic form as Design Ideas. We then assess the site and decide on a strategy to deliver the most sustainable solution. This stage confirms the adequacy of the budget.

Numerous regulations create onerous demands on organisations trying to develop projects. We navigate planning, safety and disability access legislation,  liasing with authorities to ensure a good outcome.

We ensure our clients’ original vision is realised in the finished building. We believe in the importance of paying attention to detail at every stage of the procurement process from drafting construction documents to tendering the project and finding the right builder. We have developed a specific set of management tools that effectively control cost, time and quality during construction. The final stage of the project is to celebration the completed building with all involved.

Consultation with our clients throughout the design and documentation process ensures that the design will support their needs. We use models, 3D drawings and other interactive tools to help building management and end users to understand the design, irrespective of their experience with property. The project team is asked for specific input at as the design moves  forward.  We  have found that involving end users’ in design  creates  a  sense of ownership of the  building  and  encourages             ongoing participation in community life.

The starting point of a building comes long before design. We work with our clients to explore their options, assess the feasibility of sites and assist in development of a business case. We address future scenarios and verify their sustainability to ensure that work proceeds on a strong foundation.



Project Establishment

Project Management


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​​Design Development

 Strategic Planning